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Trade on one of the most promising platforms.
Hoo Token
Huge prizes for traders
All this is waiting for you here:

#bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #trader #ethereum #hoo

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🔥 TokenPocket
🔥 Reward 200 bonus

Download APP:
▶️ Create Wallet
▶️ Select "HD Wallet"
▶️ Go to 'Me'
▶️ Click 'Invite Friends'
▶️ Click 'Get Invitation Code'
▶️ Enter Phone Number (use +)
▶️ Click 'Back to Old'
▶️ Click 'Take Bonus'
▶️ Enter Referral Code 👉 zkxtrd (to get 200 bonus)
then you can convert this bonus to TPT

trade HOO
Invitation Links:

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Crust network is a decentralized cloud-based blockchain technology based on Polkadot.

This project is conducted by airdrop:
Go to the Google form Form and complete the tasks

1. Subscribe to Twitter and retweet 2 tweets ( retweet with a comment)

2. The second task is a quiz with 3 questions
for this task, you are given up to 60 candy. I only found the answer to the first question

320 000

Unfortunately, I didn't find any answers to the other questions. So, anyone who finds the answers, please share in the comments.

3. Join Telegram ( and invite your friends ( in the form you can see how many friends, how much Candy is credited)

The maximum reward for 10 friends is 800 candy.

4. Fill out the form

The ratio of conversion: 1CRU - 1000 Cаndy

So, where to get a wallet:

1. Go to the site

2. Click " Add account"

3. Save the phrase for recovery.

4. Write the account name and password

5. Save the Json file

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Bifrost and BiFi — then you can only take the best
Bitfrost is a multi-chain middleware platform that will help developers take what they want from each blockchain. Accordingly, you will no longer need to choose which of the blockchains you will create the project on. With Bifrost, you can combine all the best qualities of each blockchain.

Bifi is a decentralized Finance project, created on the basis of the Bifrost. Currently supports ETH, BTC and USDT. In the future, there will be support for more coins
Telegram has created a telegram bot, thanks to which everyone can contribute to the development of the project, as well as a chat in which you will receive BFC_K coins for communicating and inviting friends.

1. Go to the telegram bot

2. Click start and go to the chat. There we say hello to everyone, and you can manage the teams that are present in the chat

3. In the bot, you can send the /link command and get a referral link to invite your friends

Participate in the discussion and get points that will be converted into tokens in the future.
The token is already being traded
More information can be found here

#bifrost #bfc #bifi #defi

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ACDX exchange launched on September 29, 2020
At the moment, the exchange has a small volume of 3 million and a little dollars per day
There are 5 coins and 17 pairs available for trading. The trust rating of koneko - 5 of 10
link to the exchange for koeneckeобмен/acdx

This exchange distributes BBS tokens
3000 winners to be randomly selected
the winners will be awarded tokens with an approximate value of $50

1. Registration on the exchange

2. After registering and confirming the mail on the exchange, go to the form,

3. We perform tasks in social networks :

- Subscribe to Twitter
- Retweet the post
- Subscribe to Telegram

4. Next are the questions, the answers to the questions :

Q1. What are the features of BBS? *
Ans : All of the above

Q2. How to make a profit with BBS?
Ans. When the price of the underlying asset goes in your predicted direction.

Q3. What type (s) of BBS are available? (You can choose several options)
Answer: BBS Moon and BBS dive

5. Fill out the form to the end and send it.

On February 2, 3,000 winners will be selected, who will receive BBS tokens, worth approximately $ 50 (most likely less than XD )

information provided


Only high-quality drops, without any scam